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I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2006)

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006)

Tahun: Durasi: 105 MenitDilihat: 16 просмотров
IMDB Rate: 268 voting, rata-rata 7,2 dari 10

Young-goon, mentally deranged and frequently electro-charging herself with a transistor radio, has been admitted into a mental institution. Firmly believing herself to be a cyborg, she refuses to consume like a human being. Il-soon is another patient, who catches the eye of Young-goon and soon becomes a close friend. Il-soon is now confronted with the biggest task – to cure Young-goon’s mental problem and have her eat real food.

Pendapatan:$ 4.354.510,00
Sutradara:Park Chan-wook

Pemain:Cheon Seong-hoon, Choi Hee-jin, Im Soo-jung, Kim Byung-ok, Lee Ji-hyeon, Lee Yong-nyeo, Oh Dal-su, Park Byung-eun, Park Jun-myun, Rain, Son Young-soon

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